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Convention Hospital Hotel Bologna

Convention Hospital Hotel Bologna

Discounted rates for health stays

For you who have to stay, or accompany a relative or friend, in Bologna for medical treatment, Hotel Blumen has thought of offering you discounts and discounts on the basic rate.

Our Hotel is located in a strategic position:

100 m from the most important and largest polyclinic on the peninsula ”OSPEDALE SANT'ORSOLA MALPIGHI“;
350 m from the ”S.I.S.Me.R.“ private clinics and ”TECNOBIOS“ - assisted fertilization centers;
600 m from the accredited private HOSPITAL ”NIGRISOLI“;
1 km from VILLA TORRI Hospital;
2 km from the accredited private HOSPITAL ”VILLA LAURA“;

To get a 10% discount on the base rate, Hotel Blumen recommends you call or send an email, specifying the reason for the overnight stay.
In addition to our discounts, we inform you that it is possible to have an exemption on the tourist tax for n. 1 companion, presenting the patient's hospitalization certificate.

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